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A thermometer is a instrument used to measure the temperature of the measures the degree of hotness and coldness of the body.

it’s not only used to detect the human’s temperature but also detects the temperature of the object as well.

thermometer is a modern device to measure the temperature and it comes very handy and easy to carry witch takes very little space. thermometer doesn’t need electricity to use.

thermometer is very convenient to use and can also measure the temperature of solid, liquid and gas such as food, water, air.



digital thermometer is the most accurate and quick compared to other thermometers. it is used in two manners:-

(i) under the arm:

steps to use under the arms:

place the tip of the thermometer in the center of the armpit of the user and make sure that the skin of the user is dry.

place the arm slowly near the body.

then turn thermometer on, and leave for a few seconds as per the instructions mentioned. after some seconds the thermometer will notify the temperature.

(ii) under the tongue:

steps to use under the tongue

ensure that the patient or the user hasn’t had anything very hot or cold 20 min before you use the thermometer

place the tip of the thermometer under the patients tongue, and ask them to close their mouth to keep the thermometer in place.


ear thermometer are very quick and easy. these can be on expensive side compare to other and may not be accurate if not placed correctly. 


these are the type of thermometer placed on the forehead of the user and if not placed correctly the result may not be accurate.


these are used to measure body temperature without any direct contact, but the result might be inaccurate.  

best medical store in bhilai
best medical store in bhilai
best medical store in bhilai

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