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The stethoscope is a instrument used to listen the heartbeat of the human body. It’s not only use in human but also use to hear the internal sound of the animals as well. It’s a basic device that is carried by most of the doctors on daily basis.

A stethoscope is an instrument used  to determine the the problem by listening to the heart and lungs. By listening to the heartbeat the doctors identify the problems of the patients. Earlier it only used to determine the heart and lungs problem but from past few years it also helps to determine many other problems.

Today, advanced versions like electronic stethoscopes and wireless stethoscopes offer enhanced functionalities.


1.the size of the liver can be measured – this sounds unreal but the technology made it possible, a stethoscope can measure the size of the liver by measuring the length of the nipple to the belt level. The normal size of the liver is 10cm

2.used to measure blood pressure – this is the most common use of an stethoscope, doctors place the stethoscope near to the skin and listen the heart beat and blood pressure.

3.detects heart sounds – it can also be used to detect the sound produced by the heart , after listening to the sounds the doctor can easily determine the problem and provide necessary medication. detects the sound of blood flow – doctors can also detect the flow and the direction of blood in the body through a stethoscope.

5.A stethoscope is also used to check the recovery of the patient from the surgery – after the massive surgeries, patient feel uneasy and have little diet. The doctors can determine the condition of the patient by listening to the stomach.


1.chest- piece – chest piece is the most important part of an stethoscope as it listens the sounds of the body.

2.tubing – tubing allows the sound to transfer from chest piece to the earpiece.

3.ear-piece – earpieces are inserted in the ears of the doctor or nurse to transfer the sound.

4.binaural – the metal cylinder seems like pipe which connects the ear piece to the chest piece of the stethoscope.

best medical store in bhilai
best medical store in bhilai
best medical store in bhilai

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