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A pulse oximeter is a device used to measure the oxygen level and pulse rate of the patient or the user. Pulse oximeter can estimate the amount of oxygen levels in the blood. These comes very handy, easy and convenient to carry.

How to use it?

1.Place the pulse oximeter on the center of the finger tip.

2.Once placed on the finger tip of the finger, turn on the oximeter and leave for a few seconds to respond, make sure the oximeter is not in contact with water.

The oxygen level in the pulse is presented in the percentage form. Normal oxygen percentage values between 95% to 100%.

The accuracy of the pulse oximeter can be affected by the following:- pigmentation and temperature of the body

2.use of nail polish on fingers

3.poor blood circulation

Two categories of pulse oximeter are:-

1.prescribed oximeter :- prescribed oximeters are the oximeters only available when prescribed by a doctor. To maintain the accuracy of the pulse oximeter they undergo several medical testing and are commonly used by doctors in the hospital.

2.over the counter oximeter :- over the counter oximeter are directly sold to consumer without the doctor’s prescription. These oximeters are used to measure general oxygen level and pulse rate of an individual. The use of these oximeters has increased over the period of two years due to covid-19 pendamic. These are used for general purpose not for specific purpose.

Limitations of pulse oximeter are:

1.risk of inaccuracy – in several cases, the accuracy of the oximeter is not maintained. It sometimes differ in every few seconds which leads to inaccuracy and confusion.

2.accuracy differs in light and dark skin pigmentation – these is often observed that the color of the skin also affect the accuracy of the result. In dark complexion or high pigmentation skin the oxygen level in the blood is comparatively low. Whereas, in light complexion or less pigmented skin the flow of the blood is more.

3.motion and low perfusion – it also affect the accuracy of the pulse oximeter. Low perfusion is directly related to less precision.

best medical store in bhilai
best medical store in bhilai
best medical store in bhilai

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