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For over 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to the offline sector, ensuring top-notch services in urgent care and offering a comprehensive range of products at our medical store. Now, expanding into the online realm, our commitment remains strong. Rigorous checks guarantee the quality of our products, meeting doctor-prescribed standards. Adhering to healthcare guidelines, we regularly renew our stock, including an extensive selection of skin care, hair care, mom’s care, and more. All staff members are COVID-19 vaccinated, following strict protocols. Our mission extends beyond providing medicine; we aim to offer valuable information to consumers. Embracing unity and teamwork, every member plays a crucial role in our company’s success.

Why Choose Us?

At Jain Medicose, we pride ourselves on being the best medical store in Bhilai, committed to providing urgent delivery and medical support to our customers within 8 hours. Our dedication extends to offering huge discounts, massive cashbacks, and convenient cash on delivery options. With a vast distribution channel spanning the entire country, we ensure contactless delivery right to your doorstep. Choose Jain Medicose for ethical medicines and unparalleled service.

Our Vision and Mission

At One Medical, we are dedicated to providing doorstep and contactless delivery of the medicines you order. 

Our mission is to contribute to a healthy and happy society by offering the best healthcare products. With a commitment to becoming a one-stop store for all your healthcare needs, we strive to enhance your well-being through convenient access to quality medicines and health solutions.

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best medical store in bhilai

Who Are We?

pharmacist are the primary care taker, also known as chemist or drugist. they ensure the safe and proper use of medicine.

we are first line pharmacist who provide medicatio and informatio to the patient regarding the medicines

we instruct the patient about the proper use and side effects of the prescribed drugs.

Jain Medicose

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