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What is Meditation?

Meditation, with its importance emphasized, serves as a powerful tool for stress reduction, alleviating pressure, and managing anxiety. The practice bestows a sense of calmness and peace to the mind, contributing significantly to both physical and mental well-being. Not only does meditation aid in concentration, fostering improved focus on daily tasks, but it also promotes relaxation throughout the day.

Benefits of Meditation?

When considering the benefits of meditation, one finds that it plays a pivotal role in maintaining a serene state for the body and soul. This practice proves instrumental in enhancing concentration, facilitating effective study habits, and ensuring a tranquil disposition throughout the day.

Meditation for emotional and physical health :-

• Youu get a new perspective for life
• Betterment of present
• Increase self care
• Relax your body and mind
• Reduce stress and anxiety level
• Lowers the blood pressure and heart rate
• Better sleep
• Increased in imagination, creativity and controlling level


1. Guided Meditation – in this type of meditation, they guide us to visualise and feel the imagination world to relax our body

2.Mantra meditation – in mantra meditation, you keep on repeating a positive word to avoid distractions

3. Mindfulness meditation – in this type of meditation you overview your own thoughts and emotions

4. Transcendental meditation – this type of meditation is bit different from other in which you repeat a single positive word, phrase or name. It helps you to concentrate better.

5. Yoga – when you perform certain posture or gesture controlled by your body and mind.


1. Concentration – concentrating your mind is generally the most important element of the meditation.

2. Smooth breathing – it involves slow and deep breath to take long breaths which expands the lungs of the body

3. Comfortable position – you can meditate wherever you want but you need to be comfortable to concentrate


1. Deep breathe – deep breathing is a basic for any of those beginners who want to do meditation

2. Scan your body – while meditating your scan your body from upward to downward direction, or vice versa

3. Repeat a positive word – choose a positive word, and keep on repeating those words while doing meditation

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